Vanad multipurpose cutting station at TATRA TRUCKS a.s. in Kopřivnice

Published:  August 7, 2018

Our philosophy is to offer you a cutting station according to your specific production needs. In addition to standard cutting machines for sheet metal, tube and profile cutting we also supply atypical machines.

Vanad multipurpose cutting station at TATRA TRUCKS a.s.

In January 2018, we put into operation a unique Vanad PROXIMA cutting station. TATRA TRUCKS a.s. has specified their requirements for an industrial cutting machine that allows both plasma cutting into tubes and profiles, marking of cut parts with plasma technology, segmentation of tubes to parts, and 2D sheet metal cutting - a universal station that the most manufacturers of plasma cutting machines do not offer.

Machine track and steadies were designed to meet customer requirements. The machine gantry with elevated chassis runs on high-precision linear guideways, the track height is lowered for a better operator´s access to the machine and for a more comfortable clamping of pipes into the rotator.

TATRA puts an extra emphasis on the reliability of the Vanad PROXIMA because the cutting station is placed at the beginning of the production process of unique chassis of the Tatra trucks.

"The current operation of the machine fully corresponds with our production needs. Vanad has met all our requirements for this versatile machine," the contract owner evaluates the trial run.

All-embracing turnkey cutting station

The cutting station Vanad was delivered "turnkey". In addition to the cutting machine equipped with the Formica plasma source, we also installed a suitable filter unit that is automatically operated directly from the machine thanks to the open B&R control system.

Industrial Engineering Department Manager of TATRA TRUCKS a.s. assesses the first experience with the operation of the cutting station Vanad:

"On behalf of us users of the Vanad production facility, I can say that our experience is fully in line with our production conditions and we have no problems with the Vanad cutting station. This assessment arises from the exemplary approach of the sale representatives and designers of the supply company who, through their accommodating attitude during designing of the machine, met all our requirements for this universal machine, and we would like to thank them for that."