Vanad RotCUT for tube and profile processing

The Vanad RotCUT is a modern, highly effective supplementary device delivered together with machines Vanad for precise tube and profile processing. It is designed for the production of steel construction components in widely diverse industries and for precise cutting of shaped holes. RotCUT device is distinguished by its remarkable accuracy, reliability and performance.  The device is always tailor-made to meet requirements of each customer. Supporting steadies and the tracks for their fast movement are included in RotCUT.

  • With the RotCUT device you can prepare components of various steel building constructions as steel halls, bridges, platforms, railings, reservoirs, etc. The equipment can also be used as a special extension of your CNC cutting station as well as an independent machine for processing of tubes and profiles.

Features and technical specifications of the RotCUT device

  • Well proven reliable robust construction allowing for achievement of high accuracy of fabricated shapes
  • Ease of use
  • Variable of creating of cutting plans
  • Minimum investment costs
  • Reliable and user-friendly control system
  • High versatility of the cutting station in connection with a standard cutting machine Vanad
  • Transfer of the movement from axes “Y“ program to the rotary axes “Rc“ during cutting

The feature of the technical device RotCUT is especially an easy operation of the machine and its well proven reliable robust construction allowing for achievement of high accuracy manufactured shapes.

Possible combinations of the supplementary equipment RotCUT with Vanad machines:

1) combination with plasma or oxy-fuel cutting machines:
  • RotCUT + machine Vanad BLUESTER
  • RotCUT + machine Vanad PROXIMA
  • RotCUT + machine Vanad MIRON
  • RotCUT + machine Vanad SUPREMA
2) combination with laser cutting machines:
  • RotCUT Laser + machine Vanad KOMPAKT Laser
  • RotCUT Laser + machine Vanad MIRON Laser