Use of Vanad CNC cutting machines in branches

  • Engineering
  • Electrotechnical industry
  • Food industry and agriculture
  • Chemical and mining industries
  • Art and advertising
  • Vocational schools
  • Civil engineering
  • Transport

Our the  end customers are producers of slope mowers, semi-finished products for the production of tools, boilers, furniture, heat bodies, chimneys, lifts, towing equipment, earth and coal extraction equipment (including high-strength and abrasive materials), industrial conveyors, manufacture of building materials, woodworking, mobile tanks, railway wagons, volumetric tanks for chemical, petrochemical and food industry, air-conditioning, ships, aircraft, trucks, bridges and halls, agricultural equipment (plow components) renewable resources, military equipment, piping for oil and gas pipelines, etc.

Engineering and electrotechnical industry  

  • Vanad BLUESTER with 3D plasma cutting technology is designed for the toughest operations. One of the manufacturing plants where this type of plasma cutting is used is the Czech company BAEST Maschines & Structures in Benešov. It focuses on the heavy engineering production with a wide production program.
  • Vanad KOMPAKT Laser. KROMEXIM Products Ltd. in Kroměříž is one of the manufacturing plants where this machine is used. The company focuses on the production of power and data switch switchboards.
  • Vanad KOMPAKT Laser. DVOŘÁK - slope mowers Ltd. in Pohled close to Havlíčkův Brod is one of the producers who uses this machine. Unique remotely controlled SPIDER slope mowers are produced there.

You can see what everything is produced on our Vanad machines

Food, chemical and mining industries

  • Vanad KOMPAKT Laser with the individually tailored casing for an easy crane access. UNICOM servis Ltd. in Hodonín is one of the manufacturing plants where this machine is used. Their focus is on processing of stainless steel products for food, gastronomic, pharmaceutical and chemical industries with a comprehensive solution for winemaking.
  • Several VANAD machines with oxy-fuel and plasma technology for the heaviest operations are used in Shape Steel Inc.

Production of art, decorative and promotional items

  • Vanad KOMPAKT Laser is used by UNIBON, specialized in the design, technology and production of original as well as standard interiors for retail and commercial places. They design, produce and deliver complete equipment for the entire shops.
  • Vanad KOMPAKT Light is used by Grenzenlos Kreativ Hofladen in Bavaria. This company specializes in interior and exterior decorations.


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