VANAD machine service

We carry out the servicing of the Vanad CNC cutting machines and plasma and laser systems. Vanad provides the guarantee and after guarantee service, preventive inspections, overhauling of the machinery and repairs of plasma and laser units. Everything including the professional consulting services over the phone.

Servis over the phone

Daily from 6.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. (including weekends), we provide our customers with telephone assistance in resolving problems (simple repairs).

Contact phone numbers

Guarantee service

We will perform any repair for free if the malfunction was not caused through the negligent fault (e.g. collision of the machine with another device, due to operator´s error, any inappropriate objects on the track, etc.). In case of a defect preventing the machine from operating, our service technician will be available on the spot. Other problems are solved as agreed on a case-by-case basis.

Repairs of plasma and laser unites

We provide servicing and diagnostics of plasmas and laser sources from

  • Hypertherm
  • Kjellberg
  • Formica
  • IPG Photonics
  • SPI Lasers

Repair terms of these unites depend on the delivery time of the ordered parts from the manufacturer.

Consulting services

We train operators of CNC machines and provide information about maintenance of machinery, technology supplements and cutting technology.

Service intervention report form

By sending the data, you can speed up the service intervention. Please indicate to which phone number and when your informed worker will reach you. You can attach a photo documentation to the form.