Micro-punching marking

The pneumatic micro-punching marking unit with a hardened steel tang, whose movement is provided by the compressed air, may be used with BLUESTER, PROXIMA, SUPREMA or KOMPAKT Vanad machines for marking of metallic materials, such as steel or aluminium.

The micro-punching marking is used in all branches of industry, where fast, permanent and machine-readable marking is needed (logo, date, time, serial number, marks and simple graphics).


  • permanent and quick marking
  • low costs
  • machine-readable marking

The depth of marking is dependent on hardness of the marked material, pressure and quantity of the compressed air and the distance of the point from the material.

Technical details

  • Compressed air 2 – 8 bar
  • Working temperature  1 – 40 °C
  • Pneumatic cylinder travel 200 mm
  • Weight 24 kg