Company profile

VANAD 2000 – carries on the tradition of cutting machines production in Bohemia.

We are a manufacturer of high performance CNC machines of modern design for shape cutting of materials with oxy-fuel, the latest plasma technology and fiber laser. From the beginning, we have been specialising in the production and development of high performance CNC machines for shape cutting of a wide range of materials. The tradition of production and the know-how of our cutting machines continues in the over 40 years long history of manufacturing cutting machines in the former Czechoslovakia.

During the existence of our company, we have produced and delivered our cutting machines to hundreds of satisfied customers in the Czech Republic and abroad. We develop original software and design, with special emphasis on the high quality of the machines.

Our goal is to bring the maximum value to the end user. Thanks to the permanent research and development, which are supported by the extensive know-how and experience of all of our employees, we continuously bring new and innovative solutions for cutting stations to the domestic and foreign markets. Our flexibility and variability enables us to adapt to individual customer requirements and subsequently propose thorough individual solutions. Thanks to the complexity of our solutions we rank among the leading manufacturers and suppliers of the cutting machines not only in the Czech Republic. Fast and professional guarantee and after-guarantee service is a matter of course for us.

We are an authorised partner of leading suppliers of technologies for thermal cutting. Our vision is to be a world supplier of CNC machines for thermal cutting of a wide range of materials and at the same time, to keep an individual approach to each of our customers. Our priorities are: first of all the satisfied customers, machine innovation and development, professionalism, compliance with ethical principles and environmental protection.

We provide

  • Individual special designs of solutions for optimal efficiency
  • Pre-project consulting, designs of cutting stations
  • Designing of station location, including the drawing of power inputs
  • Inspection of the workingplace preparedness
  • Transport of the machine to the customer
  • Cutting station installation and commissioning
  • Ubgrading of cutting stations

We deliver

  • Complete equipment of the cutting station (extraction material table, extraction and filtration)
  • Laser, plasma systems and torches for flame cutting
  • Additional devices for optimisation of the production efficiency
  • Consumables for laser, plasma and oxy-fuel cutting
  • Complete product range of original spare parts


The Vanad machines enable the processing of all common available materials designed for plasma and oxy-fuel cutting. Our cutting machines are distinguished by their simple operation along with the easy and fast data preparation. They are equipped with a number of special tools and instruments designed on the basis of many years of experience by our development team for the purposes of highly demanding cutting procedures regarding the shape and accuracy. The uniqueness of our solutions provides our customers with a wide range of utilisation and subsequently with the opportunity to acquire competition advantages within the market.

During the construction work and production, we use the latest technologies in order to guarantee a perfect functionality of the machine. High durability, great dynamics, maximum accuracy of the portal and supports guiding with high quality wiping process of the guiding surfaces – these are the properties which predetermine Vanad machines for utilisation within highly demanding operations with maximum requirements regarding the productivity of the cutting process and cut part quality.

The basic premise for achieving the dimensional accuracy, perpendicularity of edges, and the required structure of the cut quality, is besides the utilisation of the most suitable cutting technology, also an appropriately fine shift, constant speed, high acceleration, resistance to the torch oscillation, high accuracy and repeatability. Meeting of these requirements is the primary criterion when designing Vanad machines. The result includes extremely solid construction, accurate guiding, powerful drives, backflash-free gears, and modern control system. The named qualities thus allow for achieving the highest quality of the cut parts.