Q - Plasma cutting systems for the next generation

Published:  25.10.2019

Get ready for the future with a new Q Series digital plasma cutting sources!

Plasma sources Q 1500 /Q 3000 / Q 4500 a Q 1500/Q 3000 plus from German manufacturer KJELLBERG combine precise plasma cutting and marking with the highest level of " SMART FACTORY " , digital manufacturing requirements, prepared for demands of industry 4.0.

This new generation of plasma cutting units promises:

  • optimisation of manufacturing processes
  • faster cutting cycle – shorter intervals between cuts
  • extended consumables lifetime up to 25%
  • possibility of upgrade to higher power performance classes 
  • integrated system Silent Cut – reduction of plasma cutting noise by 15 dB(A)
  • eServices - remote maintenance and automatic software updates

Unique Q modular design allows to increase the power performance up to 450 A.

Performance upgrade is possible for models: 

  • Q 1500 plus -  150 A -> 300 A -> 450 A
  • Q 3000 plus -  300 A -> 450 A

Here you can download more detailed information:

BROCHURE Q 1500 - Q 3000 plus



Q user interfaces 

These two separate user interfaces provide complete monitoring and analysis of the workflow. 

  • realtime plasma communication with control system through the busbar(EtherCAT)
  • communication with plasma via PC (tablet, smartphone) - Web interface Ethernet  Q - Desk

With Q Desk you will get:

  • speed and flexibility in production planning
  • monitoring and analysis of individual manufacturing processes 
  • information for profitability evaluation
  • complete overview of the work process

Plasma Q - Torch 

High performance torch with a quick change head is characterized by:

  • automatic torch shaft identification
  • quick connect  via bayonet
  • Quick gas and coolant supply connection
  • effective cooling
  • setting of solenoid valves directly in the burner
  • optimized consumable lifetime - 25% more pierces on average
  • reduced  consumables diversity
  • high-quality Q-Mark (elimination of visible ignition)


Need more information?

We cordially invite you to our Thermal Cutting Centre in Golčův Jeníkov. Not only can you see the Q 3000 plus plasma, but also test it under the guidance of our specialists.

Visiting the Vanad Thermal Cutting Centre

We woud like to visit the Vanad showroom