WRykRys software

Technological program WRykRys is designed for WINDOWS operating systems. WRykRys is able to resolve all common tasks within engineering practice. Its user friendly design allows easy control and enables considerable reduction of time needed for preparation of cutting plans as well as communication with cutting machines. The purpose of WRykRys is to secure technological preparation of production, its precision and quality.DEMOVERZE zdarma

The system is instrumental to make up cutting plans based on programmed drawings, perform database drawing transfer operations, and any other related technological operations. Compared to DOS version, the Windows version is more user-friendly as well as extensive. The program offers improvement of many functions, several new ones, and where possible, a personal customization based on particular user requirements.

A free demo is available. The program is protected by a hardware key. Therefore the machine control code output is disabled in the demo version. The demo is available only for the purposes of introductory familiarization with the program. The demo version becomes a standard fully functional program only after connection with the hardware key. If you upgrade older versions of the program, please do not forget your existing databanks! The program is in the process of continuous development. An up-to-date and complete version can be always found in the download section.

Warning - If the program cannot find a hardware key after download of new full WRykRys version, you have to download a new hardware key driver!

Recommended hardware requirements

  • Computer with dual core or quad core processor
  • Screen resolution 1920 x 1080 or higher
  • Free hard drive space cca 1 GB
  • Printer
  • Wheel mouse
  • Operating system MS Windows

WRykRys currently supports 9 language localizations.The proper language can be selected from the pop-up menu "Settings".