Lantek Expert Cut nesting software

Lantek Expert Cut is a CAD/CAMnesting software specially designed for automation of the CNC programming of sheet metal cutting machines. It is the result of more than 25 years’ experience in close collaboration with both manufacturers and users of these types of machines. It perfectly combines machine technology with customers’ programming and management requirements.

Lantek Expert Cut is designed in such way, so that users only have to follow the steps indicated by the system.

Supports technological elements:

  • chamfers, loops and bridges. These technology elements can be assigned manually or automatically by material/thickness.
  •  Controls different types of heads or burners and, under optimal cutting conditions, processes any changes between them. 
  • It is able to simulate in a 3D sequence the cutting of any machine and provides a powerful tool that prevents undesirable behavior in real operation.

Other important elements:

  • Multiple burners
  • Geometric marking with several marking options based on available marking devices: powder, punch, cut, ink, drill, stamp, hydraulic markings, etc.
  • Benders: rotary and triple burners
  • Micro-connections to anchor a part on a plate
  • Bevels for generating a bevelled cut
  • Bridges to reduce piercing and cut time
  • Multi-Fan - Automatic multiple ignition for machines with manual / automatic burners
  • Continuous cut that allows automatic continuous cut between different parts, reducing machining time and cost
  • Linear cut for rectangular / square sections