Plasma system Kjellberg PA-S

Plasma system PA-S45 W

The plasma cutting unit PA-S45 W is the most all-round system of the PA-S series. It provides the perfect solution for simple cutting tasks and covers the cutting range from 3 mm up to 45 mm. In addition to the torch PB-S45 W for air, the torch PB-S44 W with swirl gas for standard air plasma systems is also available as an alternative function. This torch enables cutting of high-grade steel (stainless steel) with N2, Ar/H2 or air, increases the stability of cut and piercing, and its accuracy. In addition to machine torches, the PA-S45 W can also be operated with hand torches including a gouging option.

Plasma system PA-S70 W

The plasma cutting unit PA-S70 W is the most powerful model of the PA-S series. It can be used for the cutting range from 5 up to 70 mm. In addition to the cost-efficient use of air as plasma gas, argon/hydrogen (H35) can be used to achieve better cutting results with stainless steel.


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