Vanad PROXIMA – the high-performance cutting machine

The Vanad PROXIMA CNC cutting machine is a modern, high-performance device used throughout a wide spectrum of applications for thermal cutting. The machine is suitable for oxy-fuel and plasma cutting. It is excellent in its maximum precision and efficiency. It is recommended for tough operations and very demanding customers.

The Vanad PROXIMA works perfectly on large metal sheets with multiple oxy-fuel torches attached, including manual bevelling. We deliver the machine equipped in accordance with customer-specific requirements, also with top-class supplementary devices, depending on your demands.

Vanad PROXIMACatalog sheet - Vanad PROXIMA

Catalog sheet of CNC cutting machine  stroje Vanad PROXIMA in PDF format is  here >>

Cut parts made on Vanad PROXIMA


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The main features of the Vanad PROXIMA

High accuracy

  • Double-sided longitudinal drive
  • The complete set of machine sizes for the working width up to 6100 mm
  • Thickness of the cut material up to 200 mm
  • High lifting capacity of the gantry - option for use up to 8 cutting units
  • New set of large format touch screens with a technological keyboard
  • Thermal cutting with plasma and oxy-fuel

User comfort

  • Linear guides in all movement axes
  • High positional accuracy guaranteed also during long-term operations
  • Elimination of downtime during operations
  • Compatible with RotCUT
  • Outstanding dynamic properties of the CNC machine
  • High-performance, user-friendly, stable in operation

Standard equipment
  • Longitudinal reinforced IPE beams
  • Flexible energy chains
  • Electronic control of the torch height
  • Transfer of cutting plans via the USB or LAN network
  • Exact control of the ignition and working height of the torch
  • B&R control system
Optional equipment
  • Marking unit – plasma marking
  • Marking unit – micro-punching
  • Marking unit – drawing needle
  • Drilling unit
  • Unit for contact control of the plasma torch height – for cutting of thin sheets
  • Oxy-fuel unit for straight bevel cuts (V, X)
  • Electric flame ignition of the oxy-fuel torch
  • CAD/CAM software for preparation of cutting data


We delivery you a comprehensive cutting station..


The Vanad PROXIMA may be delivered as part of the whole cutting station, including a plasma system and consumables etc. The Vanad PROXIMA machine will be custom-made for you and equipped according to your requirements.