The accurate cutting machine Vanad KOMPAKT

The CNC cutting machine Vanad KOMPAKT is a modern, high-performance device used for a wide spectrum of applications within the thermal cutting of materials. The machine is primarily intended for the application of plasma technology – conventional plasma and latest plasma cutting systems.

The machine KOMPAKT can be also equipped with complementary technologies used in the branch of thermal cutting of metallic materials (drilling, marking, labelling). The device can be used in a modified form as a special technology carrier (milling, drilling) in other industries. You can choose from a large number of supplementary fittings.

Cut parts made on Vanad KOMPAKT


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The main features of the Vanad KOMPAKT

  • Precise and fast cutting
  • High-performance machine with a compact design
  • Effortless installation and easy handling
  • Easy operation of common formats of metal sheets (thickness up to 50 mm thick)

The Vanad KOMPAKT may be delivered as part of the comprehensive cutting station, including a plasma system and other components. You can also choose KOMPAKT Light – the variant of the machine with smaller dimensions.

Standard equipment
  • Bilateral longitudinal drive
  • B&R control system
  • Flexible energy chains
  • Electronic control of the torch height             
  • Transfer of cutting data via the USB or LAN network
  • Precise control of the plasma torch height
  • Pneumatic-electric control of the ignition height of the plasma torch
Optional equipment
  • Marking unit – plasma marking   
  • Marking unit – micro-punching
  • Marking unit – drawing needle
  • Drilling unit
  • Unit for contact control of the plasma torch height (for cutting of thin sheets)