Cutting machine the Vanad BLUESTER

The thermal cutting machine Vanad BLUESTER with excellent dynamic properties, presents a state-of-the-art device designed for the toughest operations. This machine is designated for processing of very large formats of metal sheets with oxy-fuel and plasma technology, including the automatic bevel cutting. The machine is equipped with the fully automatic 3D plasma head, which is ideal for the installation of the most modern and most powerful plasma systems.


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Cut parts made on Vanad BLUESTER


Please contact us and let us prepare a free quotation for the CNC machine Vanad BLUESTER, or arrange an appointment for a demonstration of the thermal cutting on this machine.

The main features of the machine Vanad BLUESTER

  • Bilateral longitudinal drive
  • High productivity of the machine – up to 10 units applicable
  • Linear guides in all movement axes
  • Automatic adjustment of the portal (if necessary)
  • Digital measurement of the positioning EnDat
  • Standard thickness of the cut material up to 400 mm
  • Elimination of downtime during operation
  • High positional accuracy

The new set of adjustable large format touch screens with a technological keyboard ensures easier operating. This machine corresponds to the standard IP65 against ingress of liquids and particles. The CNC system B&R is a high-performance, stable in operation and user-friendly control system.

Standard equipment
  • Sectional chassis for automatic portal settings
  • Longitudinal reinforced IPE beams of the guide rails
  • Flexible energy chains
  • Electric flame ignition of the oxy-fuel torch
  • Transfer of cutting plans via the USB or LAN network
  • Precise control of the ignition and working height of the torch
  • High reliability B&R control system
Optional equipment
  • Combinable with RotCUT
  • Technology for robotic 3D plasma cutting
  • Marking unit – plasma marking
  • Marking unit – micro-punching
  • Marking unit – drawing needle
  • Drilling unit
  • Unit for contact control of the plasma torch height – for cutting of thin metal sheets
  • Oxy-fuel unit for straight bevel cuts (V, X)
  • CAD/CAM software for the preparation of cutting data


The Vanad BLUESTER cutting machine can be delivered also as part of a complete cutting station with a plasma system and consumables for plasma or oxy-fuel cutting, a compressor for compressed air supply, including its treatment for cutting as well as extraction and filter system for the exhaust of smoke and fumes from the thermal cutting of materials.

Workstation Vanad BLUESTER