Choice of the optimal industrial CNC torch by material

•  Do you start a new production program and wonder what will be most effective?

•  Do you know what material you are processing and looking for the best way?

•  Do you need to cut out exact shapes from your material and do not get a manual cut?

1. Start with the material itself

If you are processing carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminium, non-ferrous metals or non-metallic materials, you may want to cut simple shapes or complicated contours, you can choose one of the Vanad CNC cutting machines that use thermal cutting methods.

2. The thickness of the material to be processed

  • up to 2 mm – use laser
  • up to 15 mm – use plasma or laser
  • from 15 to 25 mm – oxy-fuel, plasma or laser with power over 3 kW can be selected
  • more than 25 mm – choose plasma or oxy-fuel
  • more than 50 mm – if you are cutting structural steel, use oxy-fuel if stainless steel or aluminium, and a high-performance plasma source

3. Consider requirements for edge precision and quality

  • Do you need to process metallic materials, but do not cut perfect circular holes of very small diameters and is the quality of the cut by oxy-fuel or air plasma acceptable to you?
    We recommend an oxy-fuel or plasma machine according to your production requirements.
  • Do you want to cut more complicated contours with sharp edges, do you mostly handle metallic materials thicker than 6mm and do not invest in laser technology with a powerful laser source?
    Vanad plasma machine with a HD plasma device is the right choice for you.
  • Is it unacceptable for the thermal effects of oxy-fuel, plasma and laser cutting?
    Choose a different method than thermal cutting methods.

Multiprocessing cutting

  • Do you need to cut with multiple burners at the same time?

Steel processors, who need to cut a wide range of materials, often acquire devices that allow two or more cutting methods. Vanad machines allow the use of two plasma supports and up to 8 oxy-fuel burners for simultaneous cutting. The machines with the largest number of cutting units are Vanad PROXIMA and Vanad BLUESTER. Take a look at our photo gallery and send us a price demand for a CNC cutting machine according to your production needs.